Welsh Government report on the implementation of Law Commission proposals

Evidence to Justice Select Committee 2 March 2016

Framework Document

The Framework Document sets out the broad framework for the governance arrangements for the Law Commission, and defines the relationship between the Commission and the Ministry of Justice as the Commission’s sponsor department.

Protocol rhwng Gweinidogion Cymru a Comisiwn y Gyfraith/ Protocol between the Welsh Ministers and the Law Commission

Implementation of our reports

Protocol between the Lord Chancellor (on behalf of the Government) and the Law Commission

In March 2010 the Lord Chancellor and the Law Commission for England and Wales agreed a statutory protocol governing how Government departments and the Law Commission should work together on law reform projects. The protocol is key to ensuring a productive working relationship between the Law Commission and Whitehall and is intended to increase the … Read more >

Work of the Law Commission

This publication provides a summary of all the projects that the Commission is currently working on. It includes details of the source of each project, which is the lead Government Department, and a provisional timetable for each of the main stages.

Law Commission Business Plan

Published annually, this document sets out measurable targets for the Law Commission to meet which will help it achieve its aim of reforming the law. It sets four priorities: To ensure that the law is fair, modern and clear; Be an outward facing organisation; To develop the Law Commission;  and Promote integrated performance.

Law Commission Triennial Review

Non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are subjected to a substantive review at least once every three years as part of a Cabinet Office programme. The purpose is to: challenge the continuing need for individual NDPBs, both function and form, and review control and governance arrangements. Triennial Reviews of the Law Commission are conducted by the Ministry … Read more >

Annual reports

An overview of the year, including updates on law reform projects. Previous annual reports The annual reports available here date back to 2006-7. The Commission’s earlier annual reports are available to download free of charge from Bailii, the website of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.