13eg Raglen ar gyfer Diwygio’r Gyfraith – galw am syniadau

Project status: Pre-project

Sefydlwyd Comisiwn y Gyfraith gan Ddeddf Comisiynau’r Gyfraith 1965, i bwrpas hyrwyddo diwygio’r gyfraith. Mae’r Ddeddf yn ei gwneud yn ofynnol i Gomisiwn y Gyfraith dderbyn ac ystyried cynigion ar gyfer diwygio’r gyfraith. Mae’n rhaid i Gomisiwn y Gyfraith hefyd baratoi a chyflwyno Rhaglenni cyfnodol i’r Arglwydd Ganghellor, sy’n archwilio gwahanol ganghennau o’r gyfraith gyda … Read more >

13th Programme of Law Reform – call for ideas

To make sure our work is as relevant and informed as possible, the Law Commission consults widely when we draw up our programmes of law reform. To help us compile our 13th Programme, we are asking for suggestions from you about which areas of the law would benefit from reform. You will find a link … Read more >

Administrative Redress: Public Bodies and the Citizen

Project status: Complete

The purpose of this project was to review the law in relation to redress from public bodies for substandard administrative action. Our key objective in the project was to achieve the correct balance between fairness to aggrieved citizens and appropriate protections to public bodies and the public funds they use. The project On 26 May 2010, … Read more >

Adult Social Care

Project status: Complete

The adult social care project was concerned with reviewing the law relating to the provision of adult social care in England and Wales. The legislative framework for adult residential care, community care, adult protection and support for carers is inadequate, often incomprehensible and outdated. To this day, it remains a confusing patchwork of conflicting statutes … Read more >

Aggravated, Exemplary and Restitutionary Damages

Project status: Complete

We published our final report on this project on 16 November 1997. In the report we make recommendations for the reform of exemplary damages, which aim to punish the wrongdoer. We consider that aggravated damages should be viewed as purely compensatory and recommend that, if exemplary (or ‘punitive’) damages are retained, their availability must be … Read more >

Aspects of Defamation Procedure: A scoping study

Project status: Complete

On 31 January 2002, the Lord Chancellor’s Department asked the Law Commission to undertake a scoping study into perceived abuses of defamation procedure. In particular the Lord Chancellor’s Department was concerned to find out, first, whether “gagging” writs and letters cause a problem in practice, and secondly, whether claimants routinely target those secondary publishers of … Read more >