Project: 13th Programme of Law Reform

Project status: Complete

Under the Law Commissions Act 1965 the Law Commission is required to submit Programmes of law reform to the Lord Chancellor. Since then, every three or four years the Commission has set out the areas it intends to work on for the next few years. In July 2016 the 13th Programme of Law Reform consultation … Read more >

13th Programme update

Last summer the  Law Commission called for ideas for its 13th Programme of Law Reform. We received a huge amount of responses – with 215 unique projects suggestions – and are currently analysing the responses. While no decisions have been made yet, the Law Commission had planned to seek the Lord Chancellor’s approval for the … Read more >

13th Programme of Law Reform consultation now open

Today we opened the consultation for our 13th Programme of law reform. The responses we receive will inform the majority of the Law Commission’s work from 2017 to 2020. We are asking for your help to identify areas of the substantive law of England and Wales that need reform, and to prioritise those reforms. The … Read more >

Project: Consultation for the 13th Programme of Law Reform

On 14 December 2017 the Law Commission published its 13th Programme of Law Reform. To make sure our work is as relevant and informed as possible, the Law Commission consults widely when we draw up our programmes of law reform. To help us compile our 13th Programme, we are asking for suggestions from you about … Read more >

Our 13th Programme of law reform

  Ein 13eg Raglen ar gyfer diwygio’r gyfraith Thank you for taking an interest in our 13th Programme of law reform. Your contribution plays a vital part in helping us shape our work programme for 2017 to 2020. We are enormously grateful to you and every other consultee who has taken the trouble to tell … Read more >

Should we include these projects in the 13th Programme?

A ddylem ni gynnwys prosiectau hyn yn y 13eg Rhaglen We have identified some areas of law that our experience and discussion with stakeholders suggest may require reform. They could be potential projects for the Programme. We would like to hear your views about these, and whether you think they should form part of our … Read more >

Programmes of Law Reform

Under the Law Commissions Act 1965 the Law Commission is required to submit to the Lord Chancellor “programmes for the examination of different branches of the law with a view to reform”. Every three or four years we consult widely, asking for suggestions for appropriate projects to include in our programmes. Decisions about whether to … Read more >

Consultation launched into how employment law disputes are decided

The jurisdiction of employment tribunals, and the areas where they share jurisdiction with the civil courts to hear employment and discrimination claims, are being independently reviewed in a consultation paper. The Law Commission – an independent body set up to reform the law – has today published a consultation paper which asks questions about many … Read more >

A fairer deal for leaseholders of houses and flats

The Law Commission has proposed a series of radical reforms designed to provide a better deal for leaseholders who want to purchase the freehold or to extend the lease of their home. The proposals would: Make the process (known as “enfranchisement”) easier, cheaper and quicker Improve and enhance the rights of leaseholders to buy their … Read more >

Project: Electronic execution of documents

Project status: Analysis of responses

Download the consultation paper Download the summary paper The problem The law relating to signatures and other formal documentary requirements has a history spanning centuries. In today’s world, individuals, consumers and businesses demand modern, convenient methods for entering into binding transactions. Technological developments have changed the ways in which these transactions are made. Can the … Read more >