Public consultations

All the Commission’s law reform projects involve thorough public consultation. The consultation papers and often a summary of responses are available on the project pages of the website, as are the final reports.

The Commission follows the consultation principles set out by the Cabinet Office, which provide guidance on type and scale of consultation, duration, timing, accessibility and transparency.

Board minutes

Board minutes going back to 2015 are available below.



Board Meeting Minutes

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
January 21-Jan 26-Jan 25-Jan 31-Jan 31-Jan 29-Jan 27-Jan 26-Jan
February 25-Feb 25-Feb No board 28-Feb 27-Feb 26-Feb 24-Feb 23-Feb
March 18-Mar No board 22-Mar 28-Mar 27-Mar No Board 24-Mar 30-Mar
April 22-Apr 26-Apr 26-Apr 25-Apr No Board No Board 26-Apr 27-Apr
May 21-May No board 24-May No board 22-May No Board 25-May 24-May
June 17-Jun 07-Jun 21-Jun 27-Jun 03-July 03-June 30-June 29-June
July 15-Jul 13-Jul 19-Jul 25-Jul 24-July 29-July 28-July Awaiting minutes
August No board No board No board No board No board No board No board No board
September 23-Sep 22-Sep 20-Sep 26-Sept 25-Sept 30-Sept 29-Sept 28-Sept
October No board 18-Oct 25-Oct 31-Oct 24-Oct 28-Oct 27-Oct 26-Oct
November 04-Nov 22-Nov 22-Nov No board No board 25-Nov 24-Nov
December 16-Dec 20-Dec 20-Dec 12-Dec 11-Dec No board No board 07-Dec