Cyhoeddi adroddiad blynyddol 2018-19

Cyhoeddwyd Adroddiad Blynyddol Comisiwn y Gyfraith ar gyfer 2018-19. Mae’r stori hon ar gael yn Saesneg hefyd. Mae’r adroddiad blynyddol yn amlygu’r gwaith y mae’r Comisiwn wedi’i wneud dros y deuddeg mis diwethaf, fel: Rhaglen estyn allan at ddarpar Gomisiynwyr i annog rhagor o amrywiaeth ymhlith ymgeiswyr ar gyfer rolau Comisiynydd. Pedwar adroddiad gydag argymhellion … Read more >

Law Commission begins work on weddings reform

The Law Commission has begun reviewing the laws around how and where people can marry in England and Wales, having agreed the Terms of Reference for the project with the Government. The Commission aims to propose options for a simple and fair system to give modern couples meaningful choice about their wedding ceremony. The project … Read more >

New guidance needed to improve anti-money laundering regime

A new advisory board and statutory guidance would reduce wasted time and improve the UK’s ability to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing, the Law Commission has announced. Money laundering, in particular, is estimated to cost every household in the UK £255 a year and allows criminals to profit from their crimes. Banks and other … Read more >

Law Commission begins review of intermediated securities system

The Law Commission has begun reviewing the system of intermediated securities in order to identify potential issues for both investors and companies. Shares and bonds are increasingly held through a system of “dematerialisation” and “intermediation”. In other words, paper certificates have been replaced by a system in which most investors “own” securities through computerised credit … Read more >

Surrogacy reforms to improve the law for all

The laws around surrogacy are outdated and should be improved to better support the child, surrogates and intended parents, the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission have announced today (06 June 2019). Surrogacy is where a woman bears a child on behalf of someone else or a couple, who then … Read more >

Law Commission sets out its priorities for 2019/20

The Law Commission has today set out its plans for the current financial year in a new business plan. The document sets out measurable targets for the organisation to meet which will help it achieve its aim of reforming the law. It sets four priorities: To ensure that the law is fair, modern and clear … Read more >

Sentencing (Pre-consolidation Amendment) Bill introduced to Parliament

The Sentencing (Pre-consolidation Amendment) Bill has been introduced into Parliament. This short technical Bill is necessary to pave the way for the main Sentencing Code Bill to be introduced as a consolidation Bill. Once passed, the Sentencing Code will introduce a “clean sweep” of the old sentencing law so that anyone convicted once the Code … Read more >