Law Commission launches reforms to planning law in Wales

The Law Commission has published a wide-ranging report proposing over 190 technical reforms to planning law as it applies in Wales. This will hopefully lead to the appearance of a new Planning Act, as the centrepiece of a new Planning Code for Wales. (Cymru) Public Law Commissioner Nicholas Paines QC says: “Planning law is simple … Read more >

Comisiwn y Gyfraith yn lansio diwygiadau i gyfraith cynllunio yng Nghymru

Mae Comisiwn y Gyfraith wedi cyhoeddi adroddiad eang ei gwmpas sy’n cynnig dros 190 o ddiwygiadau technegol i gyfraith cynllunio fel y mae’n gymwys yng Nghymru. Bydd hyn, gobeithio, yn arwain at Ddeddf Cynllunio newydd, fel canolbwynt Cod Cynllunio newydd i Gymru. (English) Medd Nicholas Paines CF, Comisiynydd Cyfraith Gyhoeddus: “Mae cyfraith cynllunio yn syml … Read more >

New Sentencing Code to help prevent unlawful sentences being handed out

A new Sentencing Code will reduce the number of unlawful sentences being handed out and save £250 million over ten years, the Law Commission has announced today. When they sentence offenders, judges have to contend with more than 1,300 pages of law filled with outdated and inaccessible language. This law is contained in over 65 … Read more >

Law Commissions open consultation into new rules for UK’s self-driving future

Consultation launched into future rules for automated vehicles Findings will feed into the transport regulations of the next generation Consultation marks a major early milestone in the three-year review by the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission The Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission are … Read more >

Confiscation regime review to ensure crime doesn’t pay

Confiscation laws will be reviewed to ensure they’re effectively depriving convicted offenders of their ill-gotten gains, the Law Commission has announced today. No one doubts that crime should not pay. The confiscation regime is one means by which offenders can be deprived of any benefits they have gained through criminal conduct. However, the law on … Read more >

Government asks Law Commission to conduct a full review of weddings law

The Law Commission welcomes the Chancellor’s announcement that the Government will ask the Law Commission to review the laws around weddings in England and Wales. The project will look to propose options for a simpler and fairer system to give modern couples meaningful choice. We look forward to settling the Terms of Reference for the … Read more >

Law Commission review into hate crime announced

The Law Commission is to complete a wide-ranging review into hate crime to explore how to make current legislation more effective and consider if there should be additional protected characteristics such as misogyny and age. Professor David Ormerod QC, Law Commissioner said: “Our project will ensure that the criminal law provides consistent and effective protection … Read more >

Government not to legislate for level crossings reform

The Law Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission have noted the UK Government’s decision not to introduce legislation to implement our 2013 joint Report on Level Crossings.  Instead, administrative changes are proposed that are very much in the spirit of our recommendations. The UK Minister has acknowledged that our joint Report … Read more >

Consultation launched into how employment law disputes are decided

The jurisdiction of employment tribunals, and the areas where they share jurisdiction with the civil courts to hear employment and discrimination claims, are being independently reviewed in a consultation paper. The Law Commission – an independent body set up to reform the law – has today published a consultation paper which asks questions about many … Read more >