Adapting English law for the digital revolution

The Law Commission has begun work on two new projects to ensure that English law can accommodate two emerging technologies that could revolutionise commerce: smart contracts and digital assets. The Law Commission will analyse the law relating to smart contracts, to find any gaps in the law and identify reforms to ensure that the law … Read more >

Reforms to confiscation regime to recover £8 million more per year

Proposals to reform the confiscation regime could help recover an extra £8 million per year from convicted criminals, by more accurately and efficiently determining a defendant’s criminal proceeds and more effectively enforcing confiscation orders. The proposals are outlined in a consultation paper published today [17 September 2020] by the Law Commission of England and Wales. … Read more >

Stuart Bridge

The Law Commission was very sad to learn today of the untimely death of Stuart Bridge. He served as Commissioner for Property, Family and Trust Law between 2001 and 2008. Stuart led the team which produced reports covering a variety of important subjects including cohabitation, termination of tenancies for tenant default, compulsory purchase and trust … Read more >

Greater protections for victims of online abuse proposed by Law Commission

The Law Commission has today published proposals to better protect victims from harmful online behaviour including abusive messages or emails, cyberflashing, and pile-on harassment. Reforms to tackle the malicious sharing of information known to be false have also been proposed. In the last two decades, the rise of the internet and social media has created … Read more >

Reforms to UK’s antiquated spying laws published by Law Commission

Reform is needed to bring the law into the 21st century and protect the United Kingdom from espionage (spying) and unauthorised disclosures (leaks), according to a report from the Law Commission that has been laid in Parliament today [01 September 2020]. In the last twenty years, new communications and data technology has changed the nature … Read more >

Julian Farrand

The Law Commission was very sad to learn of the death of Julian Farrand. He served as Law Commissioner between 1984 to 1989, leading the Property Law Team. The Property Law reports we published during this period covered a variety of subjects including Land Registration, Transfer of Land and Conveyancing. It is of particular note … Read more >

Consultation to update Victorian-era transfer of ownership rules

Consultation on draft legislation that would reform and simplify Victorian-era rules on when consumers acquire ownership of goods under sales contracts This would clarify rules used when consumers have ordered goods online or where a retailer goes insolvent before the consumer has received the goods The Law Commission has today [27 July 2020] launched a … Read more >

Millions of leaseholders to benefit from Law Commission reforms

Package of reforms to transform the future of home ownership in England and Wales Improvements would make it easier and cheaper for homeowners to buy the freehold or extend their lease, and to take control of the management of their block of flats or an estate Reforms would also improve commonhold to ensure it is … Read more >