A modern legal framework for protecting and managing wildlife

In a report published on Tuesday 10 November the Law Commission recommends reforms to modernise and simplify the law regulating wildlife and create a flexible legal framework for the future. The current law regulating wildlife is spread over a collection of Acts dating back to 1831. The original purpose of much of the law was … Read more >

Offences against the person – modernising the law on violence

New rules are needed to tackle violent offences and make better use of court time, according to the Law Commission. In a scoping report issued today the Law Commission is recommending reforms that would: replace the outdated Offences Against the Person Act 1861 with modern, clear and logical legislation create a new offence of “aggravated … Read more >

Retirement flats – protecting owners from hidden fees

Owners of retirement flats and their families are being caught out by unexpected charges hidden in leases. Leases of retirement flats and bungalows often include a fee triggered by certain events, such as when the owner sells or sub-lets their property. These “event fees” are typically set at around 1% of the property sale price … Read more >

Tightening the payout rules for business insurance

Businesses can suffer serious loss if insurance companies delay paying claims. But under Law Commission reforms introduced into Parliament today, insurers would be obliged to make prompt payment or face a claim for damages. At the moment, insurers are under no legal obligation to pay valid claims within a reasonable time. If they pay unreasonably … Read more >

Unfair law fails to protect logbook loan consumers

Logbook loan borrowers have too little protection – and those who unwittingly buy cars subject to logbook loans have none at all. Today the Law Commission opens a consultation to reform the archaic law underlying logbook loans – the “Bills of Sale Acts” – which remains unchanged since Victorian times. Logbook loans are a way … Read more >

Firearms – making the law more balanced and more effective

The law governing the ownership and use of firearms is complex and difficult to apply. It is spread across a number of pieces of overlapping legislation, creating significant practical difficulties for investigating authorities and prosecutors, and generating uncertainty for the licensed firearms community. As part of its 12th Programme of Law Reform, the Law Commission … Read more >

The law in Wales – making it clearer, more modern and easier to use

Throughout the UK the law can be difficult for professionals and the public to find and understand. The volume of legislation in England and Wales, the number of amendments and the way in which legislation is presented, make it increasingly difficult to find out what the law is and what it means. In Wales, the process of devolution has made matters even more … Read more >

Providing protective care to people unable to consent to treatment

The Mental Capacity Act aims to protect people who lack mental capacity but need to be deprived of liberty in order to receive appropriate care and treatment in hospitals and care homes. But the safeguards are not meaningful for disabled and older people and their families, local councils and the NHS are struggling to meet … Read more >

Consumer prepayment on retailer insolvency

What happens to your gift voucher or the deposit you’ve paid when a retailer goes bust? What happens if your Christmas savings scheme collapses? Under existing law, your money is unlikely to be protected and you may not get it back. In a consultation opening today, the Law Commission of England and Wales asks whether … Read more >