Bringing the statute book up to date

An Act from 1979 allowing referendums for a Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly is among legislation being recommended for repeal by the Law Commissions. In a report published today the Law Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission propose clearing away more than 200 old laws that are cluttering up the statute … Read more >

Supporting charities with better law

The 370,000 charities in England and Wales are facing unnecessary administrative and financial burdens because of inefficient and unduly complex law. Lord Hodgson’s 2012 review of the Charities Act 2006 concluded that technical problems in various areas of charity law are causing difficulties for charities and diverting resources away from their charitable activities. Following the … Read more >

Enforcing family financial orders

Every year, thousands of separating couples apply to the courts for financial orders, either because they cannot agree or to turn an agreement into an order so as to make it enforceable. The courts can order a person to make financial provision for a former spouse or civil partner. Sometimes the courts also make orders … Read more >

Firearms – making the law clearer and easier to use

Police and prosecutors tackling gun crime struggle to enforce the law because legislation relating to firearms is complex and unclear.  Deficiencies in the legislation have a serious impact on the ability of the criminal justice system to respond effectively to gun crime.  The complexity also makes it difficult for legitimate firearms holders to comply with … Read more >

A new approach to controlling invasive non-native plants and animals

New powers to control and eradicate invasive non-native plants and animals are introduced as the Infrastructure Act 2015 receives Royal Assent, giving effect to reforms recommended by the Law Commission. Invasive non-native species cause environmental and economic damage. They pose a significant threat to ecosystems as well as damaging property and infrastructure. Existing law does … Read more >

Insurance Bill becomes law

Today the Insurance Bill received Royal Assent, implementing reforms recommended by the Law Commissions of England and Wales and of Scotland to modernise and simplify insurance contract law across the UK. The Insurance Act 2015 will give effect to reforms recommended by the Law Commissions in their 2014 report Insurance Contract Law: Business Disclosure, Warranties, … Read more >

Law Commission to codify sentencing procedure

Modern sentencing procedure is complex, and the law that governs it is unclear and difficult to understand. The Law Commission is today launching its work on codifying sentencing procedure. The aim of the Commission’s work is to introduce a single sentencing statute that will act as the first and only port of call for sentencing … Read more >

Reforming electoral law across the UK

In a consultation opening today the Law Commissions of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland set out provisional proposals for reforming the law that governs the conduct of elections and referendums across the UK. Electoral law in the UK is spread across 25 major statutes. It has become increasingly complex and fragmented, and difficult … Read more >

Rights to light: making the law more transparent

In a report published today, the Law Commission is recommending reforms to the law governing rights to light that will strike a balance between the interests of landowners and the law’s recognition of the need for appropriate development. Rights to light are private property rights that benefit both residential and commercial buildings. They are not … Read more >

Simplifying the law of kidnapping and child abduction

The law relating to kidnapping, false imprisonment and child abduction is due for reform, according to the Law Commission. In a report published today, the Commission is recommending reforms that will clarify the offences of kidnapping and false imprisonment, and allow for the prosecution of parents who keep their children overseas in contravention of a … Read more >