Offences against the person – options for reform

In a consultation opening today the Law Commission asks whether – and how – the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 should be reformed. There are almost 200,000 prosecutions each year under the 1861 Act, but the Act is notoriously difficult to understand and use. The language is archaic and obscure. It refers to concepts … Read more >

Government gives green light to level crossings reform

The Government has accepted the majority of the reforms to level crossing law recommended by the Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission, and has committed to review the remainder. Responding to the Commissions’ 2013 report on the law relating to level crossings, Baroness Kramer, Minister of State for Transport, has confirmed that the Government accepts … Read more >

Clarifying the legal framework for social investment by charities

In a paper published today the Law Commission explains the existing legal framework for social investment by charities and recommends measures to simplify and clarify the law. Social investment provides financial returns while at the same time generating social benefits. It is an important and developing area for charities that helps them meet their charitable … Read more >

Y gyfraith gynllunio yng Nghymru i gael ei symleiddio a’i moderneiddio

Mae Comisiwn y Gyfraith, cynghorydd annibynnol i’r llywodraeth ar ddiwygio’r gyfraith, wedi cyhoeddi adolygiad o gyfraith cynllunio Cymru. Mae’r gyfraith gynllunio yng Nghymru a Lloegr yn rhy gymhleth ac yn anodd ei deall. Mae ei gwreiddiau yn neddfwriaeth y 1940au o hyd ac mae wedi datblygu fesul tipyn byth ers hynny. Nid yw wedi cael … Read more >

Protecting consumers from lost prepayments

High-profile insolvencies such as Farepak and Comet have highlighted the risks of prepayments, with consumers losing £4.7 million on un-used vouchers when the electrical chain collapsed. The Law Commission, independent law reform adviser to the government, announced today that it is conducting a project to review how insolvency law balances the interests of businesses, suppliers … Read more >

Rhaid i gyfraith Cymru fod yn fwy eglur a hygyrch

Mae Comisiwn y Gyfraith, corff annibynnol a sefydlwyd gan y Senedd i ddiwygio’r gyfraith, yn cynnig ffyrdd o wella hygyrchedd y gyfraith yng Nghymru. Mae hanes neilltuol datganoli yng Nghymru wedi golygu y gall fod yn anodd mewn sawl maes i weithwyr proffesiynol, heb sôn am ddinasyddion, fod yn siwr beth yn union yw’r gyfraith … Read more >

Welsh law must be clearer and more accessible

The Law Commission, independent law reform body created by Parliament, is to propose ways to improve the accessibility of the law in Wales. The particular history of devolution in Wales has meant that, in many areas, it can be difficult for professionals, let alone citizens, to be sure what the law is in Wales. England … Read more >

Protecting vulnerable borrowers from unfair logbook loans

The Law Commission, independent law reform adviser to the government, has announced a review of the law relating to “bills of sale” loans, including logbook loans. In this type of lending, people use the goods they own as security for the loan. For a “logbook loan”, the borrower uses their vehicle as security. They hand … Read more >

Confusing sentencing procedure to come under Law Commission review

The law on sentencing procedure affects a great many criminal cases, and is applied in hundreds of thousands of cases and thousands of appeals every year. But it is incoherent and unclear, and can be difficult for the courts and practitioners to understand and use. The Law Commission, independent law reform adviser to the government, … Read more >