Law Commission gives evidence to the Justice Committee

Sir David Bean, Chairman of the Law Commission, Chief Executive Elaine Lorimer and the Law Commissioner for criminal law, Professor David Ormerod QC appeared before the Justice Select Committee today to talk about the work of the Law Commission. We are grateful to the Committee for their time and for this valuable opportunity.

The Members, led by Chairman Robert Neil MP, asked questions on a wide range of topics, including where our law reform projects come from, how we carry them out and what happens to our recommendations. We talked about the importance we place on engaging with our many stakeholders, and how we work with Government. Many of these topics were covered in the written briefing we submitted to the Committee in advance of the hearing. We also discussed the impact of devolution on the Law Commission, the forthcoming consultation for our next programme of law reform and our future relationship with the Committee.

You can watch the hearing via the ParliamentaryTV website (starts at 7:48), or read a written transcript.