New funding model agreed with Ministry of Justice

I am delighted to announce that the Law Commission has agreed a new funding and operating model with the Ministry of Justice.

Under the new model, the Law Commission will no longer rely on income generation from Whitehall Departments to supplement its core funding from the Ministry of Justice. Instead, the Law Commission will now receive its entire operating budget directly from the Ministry.

This does not represent an increase to the Commission’s overall budget, but it will give the Commission financial stability, better allowing us to focus on where we can provide most value.

This model represents an improvement upon the current arrangements. It steers a balance between protecting the Law Commission’s independence and the day-to-day practicalities of supporting an effective law reform agency.

It will allow the Commission to operate with greater certainty, preserving our expertise and specialisation. It will help us to ensure a more diverse Commission in the future. It also sends a clear message that the Commission will undertake its work based upon the value of a law reform project to Government, society and to the economy, rather than to make ends meet, as has sometimes been perceived in recent times.

I am grateful to the Lord Chancellor and to his officials for their constructive and supportive approach when developing the new model. We now look forward to continuing to tackle important law reform projects that make a real difference and ensure that the law is as fair, modern, simple and cost-effective.


The Rt. Hon. Sir Nicholas Green
Chair of the Law Commission

View the Memorandum of Understanding between the Law Commission and Ministry of Justice here.