Criminal Liability in Regulatory Contexts

Project status: Analysis of responses

The main recommendations we made in this project aimed to establish a principled basis for the creation of criminal law in regulatory contexts. We also considered particular doctrines of liability applicable to businesses and make proposals to ensure that they are fair to such bodies, in particular small businesses. The project A significant proportion of the new … Read more >

Criminal Records Disclosure

Project status: Complete

Non-disclosure of certain criminal convictions and cautions In July 2016 we were requested by the Home Office to review one specific aspect of the criminal records disclosure system, known as “filtering”. In very simple terms, the filtering system provides a framework which regulates when an individual has to disclose convictions and cautions even though they … Read more >

Cyfraith cynllunio yng Nghymru

Project status: Complete

Rydym yn argymell bod Cod Cynllunio newydd yn cael ei greu ar gyfer Cymru sy’n gynhwysfawr ond yn symlach. Rydym wedi dadansoddi’r ymatebion i’n Papur Ymgynghori, ac wedi cyhoeddi adroddiad terfynol, a gyflwynwyd i Lywodraeth Cymru ac a osodwyd yn Senedd y DU ac yng Nghynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru ar 30 Tachwedd 2018. Darparodd Llywodraeth Cymru … Read more >

Damages for Personal Injury

The Law Commission undertook a review of the law of damages, particularly personal injury damages, as part of the 5th and 6th Programmes of Law Reform.    

Damages for Personal Injury: Non-pecuniary Loss

Project status: Complete

Our final report on this project examined the principles governing, and the effectiveness of, the remedy of damages for monetary and non-monetary loss, with particular regard to personal injury litigation.

Data Sharing between Public Bodies

Project status: Complete

Data sharing affects us all.  Public bodies report that they cannot always share the data they need to share and, as a result, miss out on opportunities to provide better services to citizens.  At the same time, the protection of privacy is fundamental to any data sharing regime. The law surrounding data sharing is complex.  … Read more >