Damages for Personal Injury: Non-pecuniary Loss

Project status: Complete

Our final report on this project examined the principles governing, and the effectiveness of, the remedy of damages for monetary and non-monetary loss, with particular regard to personal injury litigation.

Data Sharing between Public Bodies

Project status: Complete

Data sharing affects us all.  Public bodies report that they cannot always share the data they need to share and, as a result, miss out on opportunities to provide better services to citizens.  At the same time, the protection of privacy is fundamental to any data sharing regime. The law surrounding data sharing is complex.  … Read more >

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

Project status: Pre-project

The problem DAOs are a new form of online, decentralised organisational structure. They are generally member-led, with bespoke governance and some form of treasury (often denominated in crypto-tokens). They are increasingly important in the context of crypto-token networks and many DAOs hold assets of significant value, but their legal, regulatory and tax status is unclear. … Read more >

Defamation and the Internet

Project status: Complete

A preliminary investigation to clarify the issues relating to defamation on the internet. We were asked to provide preliminary advice to Government on whether the existing law causes difficulties for online publishers, internet service providers, their customers or others, with a view to informing possible further work.  

Devolved Tribunals in Wales

Project status: Complete

Download the report paper here. Download the summary of the report here. This page is available in Welsh here. You can view responses to the consultation here. The problem A tribunal is a body set up to settle disputes, usually following public bodies’ decisions. But the rules and procedures for the devolved tribunals in Wales … Read more >

Digital assets

Project status: Pre-consultation

Download the call for evidence here. Download our interim update paper here. The problem Digital assets are increasingly important in modern society. They are used for an expanding variety of purposes, including as means of payment for goods and services or to represent other things or rights, and in growing volumes. Cryptoassets, smart contracts, distributed … Read more >