Electoral Law

Project status: Complete

The problem Electoral law in the UK is spread across 17 statutes and some 30 sets of regulations. It has become increasingly complex and fragmented; it is difficult to access, apply, and update. Much of the law is rooted in 19th Century language and practice, and doesn’t reflect modern electoral administration. The project The electoral … Read more >

Electronic Commerce: Formal Requirements in Commercial Transactions

Project status: Complete

This was an advisory project. Private International Law: EEC Preliminary Draft Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual and Non-contractual Obligations (prepared jointly with the Scottish Law Commission) (1974). The EEC Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations is scheduled to the Contracts (Applicable Law) Act 1990, and entered into force in the UK … Read more >

Electronic Communications Code

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the summary The problem The Electronic Communications Code was created in 1984 and replaced in the Digital Economy Act 2017. The Code sets out the regime that governs the rights of designated electronic communications operators to maintain infrastructure on public and private land. In modern times, it applies to the infrastructure … Read more >

Electronic execution of documents

Project status: Analysis of responses

Download the consultation paper Download the summary paper The problem The law relating to signatures and other formal documentary requirements has a history spanning centuries. In today’s world, individuals, consumers and businesses demand modern, convenient methods for entering into binding transactions. Technological developments have changed the ways in which these transactions are made. Can the … Read more >

Employment Law Hearing Structures

Project status: Consultation

Download our consultation paper on Employment Law Hearing Structures. Download the summary of the consultation paper. Download the Welsh summary of the consultation paper. The problem The Civil Courts Structure Review led by Briggs LJ noted that there is an: “awkward area” of shared and exclusive jurisdiction in the fields of discrimination and employment law, … Read more >

Enforcement of Family Financial Orders

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the summary Read the news story The problem Each year thousands of separating couples apply to the courts for financial orders. These are payments which a court decides partners must pay to one another, to support an ex-partner for example. Sometimes these orders are not complied with. The law of enforcement … Read more >

Event Fees in Retirement Properties

Project status: Complete

Please Note: This project used to be known as Transfer of Title and Change of Occupancy Fees in Leaseholds The project Each year thousands of older people consider a move to specialist retirement properties. These homes are almost always sold on a leasehold rather than freehold basis. Many of these leases require the owner to pay … Read more >

Evidence of Bad Character

Project status: Complete

A review of the law of England and Wales as it relates to evidence of previous misconduct in criminal proceedings and the related trial process.