Forfeiture and the Law of Succession

Project status: Complete

There is a rule of law, known as the forfeiture rule, which states that a person may not inherit from someone whom he or she has unlawfully killed. In 2000 the Court of Appeal decided that the forfeiture rule, when applied alongside the rules on intestate succession, disinherits not only the killer, but also the … Read more >

Fraud and Deception

Project status: Complete

We consulted on this project in April 1999 and published our final report in 2002, along with a draft Bill. Our final report made recommendations for reforming and simplifying the law of fraud, by repealing the eight offences of deception created by the Theft Acts 1968–96 and abolishing the common law crime of conspiracy to … Read more >

Hate Crime

Project status: Pre-consultation

Find out about the project with our information paper. A Welsh version of the information paper can be found here. An easy-read version of the information paper can be found here. Our earlier work “Hate Crime: Should the Current Offences be Extended” can be found here. Contact us here: The Problem Hate crimes are … Read more >

Hate Crime [completed report: 2014]

Project status: Complete

This report was completed in 2014. View the current Hate Crime project here. Download the report Download the summary The problem Hate crime are acts of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are. The police and CPS record data on hate crimes for five protected characteristics: disability transgender identity race religion … Read more >