Leasehold enfranchisement

Project status: Analysis of responses

We previously published a summary paper on proposed solutions for leasehold houses in July 2018. Download our Consultation Paper on leasehold enfranchisement. Download the summary of the Consultation Paper. Download the Welsh summary of the Consultation Paper. Our project on leasehold enfranchisement involves a review of leaseholders’ rights to: purchase the freehold of their house … Read more >

Legislating the Criminal Code

In 1989 we produced a draft Criminal Code. It was in many respects a statement of the existing law or of fairly recent proposals for reform, which were open to criticism. Accordingly, we subsequently adopted a policy of reviewing areas of criminal law so that one by one they would be modernised, where appropriate, before … Read more >

Level Crossings

Project status: Complete

There are between 7,500 and 8,000 level crossings on the railway network in Great Britain. Every year, people are killed or seriously injured in accidents on level crossings, and level crossings can cause considerable inconvenience to drivers, pedestrians (particularly disabled users), cyclists, horse riders and others. In this project we examined the legal framework governing … Read more >

Liability for Psychiatric Illness

Project status: Complete

Download the report The problem The issue of liability for psychiatric illness following negligence is unsatisfactory. Some argue that that it should have the same principles that apply to physical illness. Others that it should be abandoned all together. Claims for psychiatric illness brought about through negligence had gained increased exposure following the disaster at … Read more >