Liability for Psychiatric Illness

Project status: Complete

This project is concerned with the law relating to liability for negligently inflicted psychiatric illness. The aim of our recommendations for reform was to remove what we believe to be unnecessary constraints on claims for negligently inflicted psychiatric illness, thereby alleviating the arbitrariness of the current law, but without giving rise to fears of uncontrolled … Read more >

Limitation of Actions

Project status: Complete

In this project we reviewed the law on limitation periods. We recommended that the problems with the existing law should be resolved by the introduction of a single, core limitation regime, which would apply, as far as possible, to all claims for a remedy for a wrong, claims for the enforcement of a right and … Read more >

Limited Partnerships Act 1907

Project status: Complete

A project to review¬†the law relating to limited partnerships and¬†remove doubts that have caused concern to users of limited partnerships and their advisers. A limited partnership is an ordinary partnership with certain modifications made by the Limited Partnerships Act 1907. The main difference between an ordinary and a limited partnership is that in a limited … Read more >

London Repeal Proposals (2)

In our consultation we have identified some 94 obsolete Acts relating to London.  These Acts reflect London’s social and economic history from Tudor times through to the early 20th century.  Most of the Acts were passed to raise money to pay for particular projects such as building churches or making town improvements like street-lighting.  Once … Read more >


In our consultation paper we propose the repeal of some seven obsolete statutory provisions that relate to the holding of different forms of lottery. Six of the seven proposed repeals involve whole Acts which were passed in the period 1711 to 1807.  These Acts were secured so that a variety of private lotteries could be … Read more >

Marriage Law

Project status: Complete

The scoping phase In December 2014 the Government asked the Law Commission to conduct a review of the law governing how and where people can marry in England and Wales. The question underlying the review was whether the current law, which has evolved over a long period of time, provides a fair and coherent legal … Read more >