Search Warrants

Project status: Pre-consultation

In December 2016, the Home Office invited the Law Commission to conduct a year-long review to identify and address pressing problems with the law governing search warrants and to produce reform which will clarify and rationalise the law. A search warrant is an order of a court authorising a police officer or other official to … Read more >

Sentencing code

Project status: Consultation

The law on sentencing affects all criminal cases, and is applied in hundreds of thousands of trials and thousands of appeals each year. Currently, the law lacks coherence and clarity: it is spread across many statutes, and frequent updates are brought into force at different times by different statutory instruments and have a variety of transitional … Read more >

Shareholder Remedies

Project status: Complete

This project reviewed the remedies available to minority shareholders who are dissatisfied with the manner in which the company of which they are a member is run.  

Sharing Homes

Project status: Complete

This discussion paper examines the property rights of those who share homes. It covers a broad range of people – not only “couples”, married or unmarried, but also friends, relatives and others who may be living together for reasons of companionship or care and support.

Simplification of the Criminal Law

Project status: Pre-project

In the 10th Programme, the Commission embarked on a programme of simplification of the criminal law, criminal evidence and procedure. Simplification involves: giving the law a clearer structure; using more modern terminology; making the law in a given area more consistent with other closely allied areas of law; making the law readily comprehensible to non lawyers … Read more >

Simplification of the Criminal Law: Kidnapping and Related Offences

Project status: Complete

Kidnapping is an offence created by judges in the seventeenth century. The current definition is that kidnapping is an attack on or infringement of personal liberty, consisting of the taking or carrying away of one person by another, by force or fraud, without the consent of the person taken or carried away, and without lawful … Read more >

Simplification of the Criminal Law: Public Nuisance and Outraging Public Decency

Project status: Complete

Public nuisance is a common law offence involving environmental danger or loss of amenity or offensive public behaviour. The related common law offence of outraging public decency involves indecent actions or displays that may cause offence to members of the public. In this project we are considering the fault elements of both offences, and the … Read more >

Statute Law Repeals 17th Report

Project status: Complete

Joint report with the Scottish Law Commission. Repeals included in this report Administration of Justice Agriculture Allotments and Smallholdings Aviation Defunct Bodies Ecclesiastical Education Employment Finance Local Government Pensions Property Public Health Road Traffic Scottish Acts Trade and Industry Miscellaneous