Railways (Rates and Charges)

In our consultation paper we propose the repeal of more than 40 obsolete Acts relating to the charges levied on railway freight traffic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The railways were operated by private companies and these Acts were an attempt by Government to regulate the charges for transporting railway freight.  These … Read more >

Reform of the Communications Offences

Project status: Complete

Download the report here. Download a summary of the report here. Read the interim response from DCMS here. A Welsh translation of the report will be available soon. The problem The revolution in online communications has offered extraordinary new opportunities to communicate with one another and on an unprecedented scale. However, those opportunities also present … Read more >

Registered Land and Chancel Repair Liability

Project status: Pre-project

Problem Chancel repair liability is an obligation on a landowner to pay for certain repairs to a local church. It has its origins in the feudal system and is rarely enforced, but when it is the liability can be huge. The intention of the Land Registration Act 2002 was that chancel repair liability should not … Read more >

Regulating Coal Tip Safety in Wales

Project status: Complete

Read the Regulating Coal Tip Safety report here. Read the summary of the Regulating Coal Tip Safety report here. You can view responses to the consultation here. Pwyswch yma i ddarllen y fersiwn Cymraeg o’r tudalen yma. All the supporting documents can be found at the bottom of the page. The problem The current legislation … Read more >

Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the report summary The problem The primary purpose of professional regulation is to ensure public safety. In the UK there are nine regulatory bodies responsible for regulating 32 – consisting of approximately 1.44 million professionals. For healthcare professionals. regulation is one element of a much broader system of ensuring patient and … Read more >

Remote driving

Project status: We are currently inviting views on our published issues paper To submit your views on our remote driving issues paper, please visit this page. Documents Summary of remote driving issues paper Remote driving issues paper View the press release here Background of the project The UK Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles … Read more >

Renting Homes

Project status: Complete

Nearly a third of the population of Wales – just under 400,000 households – rent their homes.  The law governing their relationship with their landlords is an irrationally complicated mess. This project seeks to replace it with a modernised, understandable, and just legal structure. The project The Welsh Government announced in 2012 that it would … Read more >

Residential leasehold and commonhold

Project status: Complete

All three residential leasehold and commonhold reports were published on 21 July 2020. Further details are available on the project-specific pages by following the above links. Summary: The future of home ownership: download our summary of all three residential leasehold and commonhold reports and how they fit with Government’s own reforms. At a glance: the … Read more >