Taking, making and sharing intimate images without consent

Project status: Analysis of responses

Download the consultation paper here. Download a summary of the consultation paper here. Download a Welsh version of the summary here. Download our Q&A and mythbuster on the project here. Our project The origins of this project are rooted in our Abusive and Offensive Online Communications Scoping Report which was published in November 2018. The … Read more >


Project status: Pre-project

In the 18th Statute Law Repeals report, which was published in January 2008, we made several recommendations for the repeal of laws relating to taxes or duties, including stamp and customs duties. In most cases, the Acts were obsolete because the tax or duty that they imposed was abolished without the legislation itself being wholly repealed. Several … Read more >


Project status: Pre-project

In our consultation paper we propose the repeal of a series of statutory provisions relating to taxation law which span the years 1952 to 2010, and which have become obsolete or spent through the passage of time, or because of subsequent statutory intervention.  In all, we recommend the repeal of portions of some 32 Acts … Read more >

Taxi and Private Hire Services

Project status: Complete

The project reviewed the legal framework relating to taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) across England and Wales with a view to making it simpler and more modern. Taxis and PHVs are an important part of local transport. They operate in highly regulated markets where safety and quality control are paramount. Licensing covers key areas … Read more >

Termination of Tenancies for Tenant Default

Project status: Complete

In this project we set out to reform the means by which a landlord can terminate a fixed term commercial or residential tenancy where the tenant has not complied with their obligations. This project was completed in 2006. Following on from its response to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee report on leasehold reform … Read more >

The Form and Accessibility of the Law Applicable in Wales

Project status: Complete

Ffurf a Hygyrchedd y Gyfraith sy’n Gymwys yng Nghymru The law across the UK can be difficult for professionals and the public to find and understand. In Wales, the process of devolution has made things even more complicated. It can be very difficult to access the law in devolved areas, as a result of changes … Read more >