Updating the Land Registration Act 2002

Project status: Analysis of responses

An effective land registration law is essential for everyone who owns land, whether the land is a home, a business or an investment. Land registration also has wider importance for business and the economy; a recent report from the World Bank suggests that a “well-designed land administration system … makes it possible for the property … Read more >

Wildlife Law

Project status: Complete

Over the last decade, wildlife protection and the sustainable management of our natural heritage have become increasingly regarded as key policy aims for Government. However, the legal framework for wildlife management is overly complicated, frequently contradictory and unduly prescriptive. Consequently, the law creates unnecessary barriers to effective wildlife management, including the efficient implementation and enforcement … Read more >


Project status: Consultation

A person’s will is an important document. People use wills to choose how to distribute their possessions and often to express preferences about what happens to their bodies after death. When someone dies intestate – without leaving a will, or with a will that is not valid – it can cause difficulties for the family, … Read more >