Unfitness to Plead

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the report summary The problem The law relating to unfitness to plead addresses what should happen when a defendant who faces prosecution is unable to engage with the process because of their mental or physical condition. The law aims to balance the rights of the vulnerable defendant with the interests of … Read more >

Updating the Land Registration Act 2002

Project status: Complete

Download the report Download the report summary The problem An effective land registration law is essential for everyone who owns land, whether the land is a home, a business or an investment. But dealings and disputes that engage the land registration regime can be complex and require expert advice. Uncertainty in the regime makes advising … Read more >


Project status: Pre-consultation

Download the scoping report Download the summary (This project was previously called “Marriage Law”) The problem The main law which governs marriage is from 1836 and has failed to keep pace with modern Britain. How and where marriages can take place is tightly regulated, and differs depending on the type of wedding. At present, couples … Read more >

Wildlife Law

Project status: Complete

Download the final report Download the first report: Wildlife Law: Control of Invasive Non-native Species. Download the report summary The problem Over the last decade, wildlife protection and the sustainable management of our natural heritage have become increasingly regarded as key policy aims for Government. However, the legal framework for wildlife management is overly complicated, … Read more >


Project status: Analysis of responses

We launched our public consultation on reforming the law of wills on 13 July 2017. The consultation period closed on 10 November 2017 and we have been analysing the responses we received and developing our final policy. The remaining stages of our work will be to complete our analysis and policy formulation, to prepare a … Read more >