Consumer Redress for Misleading and Aggressive Practices

Project status: Complete

The regulations form part of a package of measures to clarify consumer law.  These measures will draw on three joint reports by the Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission. Read more about our consumer rights work and the legislation. This is a joint project with the Scottish Law Commission.  It was formerly referred to as the … Read more >

Consumer Remedies for Faulty Goods

Project status: Complete

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 forms part of a package of measures to clarify consumer law. These measures draw on three joint reports by the Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission.Read more about our consumer rights work and the Bill. The problem Currently, UK consumers have a legal “right to reject” faulty goods. This means a … Read more >

Bail and the Human Rights Act

Project status: Complete

This project examines the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) on the law governing decisions taken by the police and the courts to grant or refuse bail in criminal proceedings, between the time when a person is charged or appears in court, and the time of the verdict or other termination of the case … Read more >

Offences against Religion and Public Worship

Project status: Complete

We published a report on Offences against Religion and Public Worship (LC145) in 1985. The principal recommendation of this report made its way on to the statute book after 23 years. The repeal of blasphemy and blasphemous libel, as recommended, was effected by section 79 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, which came into … Read more >


Project status: Complete

This project considered the full range of structural options for a scheme of bribery offences. It took into account the issues and views that have emerged since the introduction of the draft Government’s draft Corruption Bill in 2003. The review compared the law of England and Wales with the law operating in other jurisdictions and took into account … Read more >

Claims for Wrongful Death

Project status: Complete

When a person is killed through the fault of another, family members and some other persons are able to claim compensation under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 for losses they suffer as a result of the death. This project reviewed the availability of compensation in such cases. Our aim was to bring this area of the … Read more >

Simplification of the Criminal Law

Project status: Pre-project

In the 10th Programme, the Commission embarked on a programme of simplification of the criminal law, criminal evidence and procedure. Simplification involves: giving the law a clearer structure; using more modern terminology; making the law in a given area more consistent with other closely allied areas of law; making the law readily comprehensible to non lawyers … Read more >


Project status: Complete

In this project we focus on the financial hardship suffered by cohabitants or their children on the termination of their relationship by separation or death. We concentrated in particular on the following issues: Whether cohabitants should have access to any remedies providing periodical payments, lump sums, or transfers of property from one party to the … Read more >

Insanity and Automatism

Project status: Complete

When should a person not be criminally liable because of their mental condition at the time they committed an alleged offence?  This is the question posed by what is called the defence of “insanity”. Similarly, a person might not be criminally liable because they lacked conscious control of their actions at the time of committing … Read more >