Project status: Complete

In this project we focus on the financial hardship suffered by cohabitants or their children on the termination of their relationship by separation or death. We concentrated in particular on the following issues: Whether cohabitants should have access to any remedies providing periodical payments, lump sums, or transfers of property from one party to the … Read more >

Common European Sales Law

Project status: Complete

Each state of the European Union has its own legal system (or systems) leading to a variety of contract laws across the EU. The European Commission believes that this variety of national contract laws inhibits trade within the internal market. On 11 October 2011, the European Commission published a proposal for a common European sales … Read more >


Project status: Pre-consultation

Download the call for evidence. Download the summary document. Download the response form. The problem There are now estimated to be over 4 million leasehold properties across England but concerns have been raised over this ownership type. Commonhold was introduced in 2004 (when a law passed in 2002 came into force) as a new way … Read more >

Company Security Interests

Project status: Complete

Companies often grant charges and other security interests over their assets to secure loans. This project looked at how such security interests should be registered. It also considered how to resolve conflicts between different secured lenders and between lenders and buyers. The project We presented our final report on this project to Government on 31 … Read more >

Consents to Prosecution

Project status: Complete

The report that concludes this project recommends reforms designed to rationalise one of the procedural mechanisms used to control the prosecution process – the requirement in respect of certain offences that, as a condition precedent to the institution of criminal proceedings, the consent of either a Law Officer or the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) … Read more >

Conservation covenants

Project status: Complete

We have made recommendations for the introduction of a new statutory scheme of conservation covenants in England and Wales. A conservation covenant is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and responsible body (charity, public body or local/central Government) to do or not do something on their land for a conservation purpose. This might be, for … Read more >

Conspiracy and Attempts

Project status: Complete

This project reviewed the law governing the criminal liability of those who agree, or attempt, to commit offences. The project We published our report “Conspiracy and Attempts”, including a draft Bill, on 10 December 2009. The report follows our consultation paper, which we published on 10 October 2007. In our report we make recommendations on statutory conspiracy to: … Read more >