Corporate Criminal Liability

Project status: Complete

Download the summary of the options paper here. Download the full options paper here. Download the impact assessment here. View the press release here.    The problem The general rule for attributing liability to companies in English and Welsh criminal law is the ‘identification principle’. This states that where a particular mental state is required, … Read more >


Project status: Complete

This project has been superseded by our work on Bribery. We carried out this project in response to calls from two prestigious bodies for a review of this area of the law: the Salmon Commission and the Nolan Committee. We were also very conscious of the consequences of corruption, which strikes at the root of … Read more >

Criminal appeals

Project status: Pre-consultation

The Law Commission has been asked by the Government to review the law governing appeals in criminal cases, including appeals against conviction and sentence, with a view to ensuring that courts have powers that enable the effective, efficient and appropriate resolution of appeals. Documents View the press release announcing the project here. View the full … Read more >